Thursday, March 11, 2010

11th march 2010.
life is full of surprises ehh?
today might be just another day to anyone ordinary.
today might be an extraordinary day to anyone.
but today,
it literally the day i jumped for joy!
holding on to a piece of paper around noon,
and theres is no way i could have hold the feeling back and i just let it out,
looking on to the paper,
a hug then followed shortly after.
the fear and terrifying moments right before it was all worth it,
why would i have any idea not to jump for joy looking at the paper?
and so,
the day went on and on awesomely =)

today is the day,
i felt nervous, worried, happy and lots more other feeling at once.
thank god, thank everyone =)

10:09 PM
will you? ;

`I give you my heart;

Monday, March 1, 2010

first of march, twenty ten .

two months have past in the new year and it felt like two days,
the three month break from high school for me is apparently coming to an end .
results for spm will be out in the next two to three weeks i suppose.
which means,
i have only two to three weeks left to slack all day and do nothing .
after which i have to start college already.
its really fun having such a long break from doing anything important .
i get to ,
watch tv, go online, go hang out with friends , sports,
anything and everything that i like to do .
although boredom does visit when im home alone ,
but i think i would rather be bored then be so hecticly doing everything everyday .
so i guess my honeymoon will be coming to an end .
goodluck to me in the coming months of 2010.
and to you all too =)

keep my fingers crossed on what will happen to my results =x

1:58 PM
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`I give you my heart;

Friday, February 19, 2010

do you often get people shouting at you,
screaming that you dont understand them and you will only know if you were in their shoes ?
well, that happens all the time ,
its because everyone, well most of the people only look at things in a point of view.
they wouldnt understand the situation fully unless they look at it at several angles.

heres one true story .
have you noticed that if you are a family of more than two siblings.
people often compare you with your elder and younger siblings ?
and that they would only notice the youngest and the eldest ?
like when a stranger comes along ,
the person will start talking about the eldest ,
wah . you graduated ,
wah, your age gap so big .
wah , you so good to your siblings and all .
and then the person will turn to the youngest and say ,
wah, you enjoy life lor.
ur siblings so old can take care of you,
and your age gap so big everyone manja you .
thats what all ordinary people see,
that the eldest has the worse life because he/she has to sacrifice to look after their younger siblings.
and that the youngest lead the best life because he / she will be spoilt by the elder sibling.

what they dont know is the true feeling the youngest feel .
because of the age gap ,
he/she will feel left out .
he/she will not have a very strong ties with the elder siblings .
he/she will miss out on all the cool things the elder siblings has gone through.
he/she will be alone with no other sibling to play and fight with .
because he/she is the youngest ,
parents tend to pay less attention to him/her than the eldest
because they are "tired" .
theres many other things that he/she will feel that no others will understand .

im sorry .

10:46 AM
will you? ;

`I give you my heart;

Sunday, February 7, 2010

we live in a world where no one can survive entirely on their own .
well , unless you are stranded on an island alone .
here in our lives,
we have people that are in our lives which are called friends .
very often we hang out with the same bunch of friends for such a long time that we began to forget how was the situation when we first met each other .
it is vry obvious and normal to see the same gang of people hanging out together every time regardless what they do or where they go .
some of us are so comfortable with their own gangs that they consider each other family.
so if we are already in a gang,
we wouldnt be shy with each other,
we laugh ,
we play ,
we cry ,
we feel sad.

the problem here is that ,
how do we go out to meet and make new friends ?
how do we be more comfortable around more people..
can we just walk up to a stranger and start talking like we have known each other for 20years ?
or do we just introduce ourselves and let the time do all the work ?
how can we form more gangs ?
or maybe add more friends into the circle ?
generally is how do we enlarge our social circle ?
can you tell me how ?

how ? where ? who ? when ?

because i seriously have no idea .

*gang referred here is a group of friends .
not a gang as in a gang .

5:06 PM
will you? ;

`I give you my heart;

Thursday, February 4, 2010

any 18 year olds out there is absolutely sure of what they wanna be in the future ?
what kind of a person they wanna be ?
what kind of person they wanna be with ?
what career path to choose ?
how many kids you want ?
how long do you want to live ?
how are you going to reach your goals ?

on the other hand,
is there anyone who knows none of the above ?
if you are,
join the club =)
at the moment right now .
i dun even have an idea of what are the courses i should or wanna take .
of course i have narrowed down a few,
but given theres so many private colleges and universities out there ,
the choices remains a bundle.
its like when you are young ,
one day u wanna be a teacher because you can cane,
one day you wanna be a policeman because you can shoot people,
one day you wanna become an astronaut because you can fly.
and etc etc .
so right now,
im having the same feeling.
one day tis course, the other day that course.

will my path just come to me when the time comes ?


3:48 PM
will you? ;

`I give you my heart;

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

below listed are the most well known bullshit you hear in yourself daily lives :

- i love you FOREVER .
- be there in 5 minutes .
- i will think about it .
- let me have a look .
- he / she goes , then i go .
- have fun , enjoy yourself .
- best friends forever .
- let's do this like, all the time !
- we have to keep to this tradition .
- i can do this all day .
- are you alright ? SURE .
- maybe theres a SLIGHT chance .
- monster will eat you if you dun go to bed .
- i own you cause you are my child .
- i have never lied before .
- OMG ! nice shoes .!
- thank you for coming .
- have a nice day .
- lets remain friends .
- i have no money .
- maybe .
- you can try .
- just because you are the only one that does it , doesnt make you weird .
- dont judge a book by its cover .
- be yourself , dont let what other people thinks affect you .

thats all for the moment .
will keep adding =)

8:55 PM
will you? ;

`I give you my heart;

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hanoi, Vietnam .

a recent trip to Hanoi,
adds an additional country visited to my passport .
expands my knowledge about the world.
allows me see how Vietnamese in the city live their lives.
allows me understand some valuable life lessons .
allows me to improve my maths .
allows me to get away from the burning sun and into a soothing weather .
allows me to expand my wardrobe .
allows me to try the original Vietnamese beef noodles.
allows me on how you can live your life in not so wonderful conditions.
allows me to be on my own and out of touch with my frends
though theres 24hour free Internet service available .
allows me to see how greed takes over the better of a person .
allows me to see that language is vry important .
allows me to be amazed by how they can earn money with vry little modal .
allows me to be jealous that obesity is not a problem for them .
allows me to see how their traffic is so much poorer than ours .
( the ratio of motorcycles to car is about 30 : 1 )

Hanoi is a nice place for relaxing .
thought the price is not that cheap compared to other third world country .
but its wont be more expensive than Msia too .
the main barrier is language itself.
you wont understand them , they dun understand you .
and that the currency exchange really needs to do maths.
when you are there , beware of pickpockets like any country =)
and be ready to bargain for price !
tips : please set the price before eating any food or u will be charged double =(
be there and experience it for urself =)

2:38 PM
will you? ;

`I give you my heart;

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